At Pine Ridge Dental Group, we understand that extra care may be required when you visit our office. Our dentists and team want your visit to be a positive one and strive to make every part of your experience as comfortable and yes, easy as possible. This is why we offer the NuCalm® relaxation system in Longmont, Colorado. If you are visiting us for a more involved procedure, or if you cope with extreme dental anxiety, call 303-776-3030 today and ask for the NuCalm system for your next visit with Dr. Michael Park or Dr. Nathan Angus.

The NuCalm system involves a topical cream which helps you to relax by counteracting the adrenaline which can accompany stress. Then small stimulator patches are placed behind each ear to further increase your ability to relax. An eye mask and headphones that play calming music. When all of these things work together, you will find yourself feeling comfortable, quiet and at-ease in the chair.

In addition to helping patients find peace during their dental appointments, NuCalm is also used to help people who struggle with PTSD and are battling cancer. It is also used in sleep clinics and spas and to help amateur and professional athletes. Our team will be happy to tell you more about the NuCalm system during your next appointment.